CM Labs Vortex Edge Plus WEB

Portable Heavy-Equipment Simulator

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, has unveiled the next generation of portable, desktop simulation. Thanks to its lightweight design, the new Vortex Edge Plus can be easily transported in carrying cases and set up in minutes. This makes it ideal for classroom or on-the-go training. The Vortex Edge Plus runs CM Labs’ full fleet of earthmoving, lifting and forestry equipment training packs, including the Excavator, Backhoe, Dozer, Wheel Loader, Motor Grader, Luffing Tower Crane, Flat-top Tower Crane, Mobile Crane, Crawler Crane, Forwarder and Harvester. Its ease of...

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image Field1st Software WEB

Job Hazard Assessment Software

Field1st – an ongoing job-related risks and job hazard assessment software platform that is poised to bring daily safety defense training to the field – in partnership with Dominion Energy has officially launched version 2.0 of their platform. Working hard to create a form-builder 2.0 version of their highly acclaimed platform, with customized forms, content and data sources accessible to users, Field1st is helping teams everywhere circumvent IT departments in a more seamless process. Discovering that most organizations were hindered by internet access and limitations of how they collect data...

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TD Training Program WEB

Lineworker Training Program

T&D PowerSkills is a comprehensive video- and workbook-based lineworker training program that focuses on safety-related work practices that lineworkers need to know. It is designed to help lineworkers be efficient and safe on the job whether they are doing overhead, underground, meter, transmission or substation work. All T&D PowerSkills course units are arranged in a comprehensive curriculum. The curriculum is divided into 78 units that represent major components of lineworker career tracks. Important fundamentals are covered in Maintenance Basics, such as electrical safety and basic...

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Terex Auger Video WEB

Auger Tool Selection Video

Terex Utilities has released a video demonstrating the importance of selecting the right auger tool for the job conditions. Selection factors include auger style tools or barrel tools, various types of teeth and multiple tool sizes. In the video, Terex Utilities performs a side-by-side comparison of its TXC Auger and BTA Spiral with carbide bullet teeth drilling into the concrete. The TXC is best for loose, compacted soils; stiff clays; shale; cobbles; and medium rock strata. It’s not designed for cutting through concrete or hard rock. In contrast, the BTA Spiral is efficient for drilling into...

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Utility Solutions Load Trainer WEB

Load-Trainer Software Upgrade

Utility Solutions Inc. launched their three-phase distribution simulator two years ago and recently released a software upgrade. The Load-Trainer II Transformer Simulator can now simulate more system voltages and transformer configurations, and it includes more troubleshooting modes. The unique tactile interface of the Load-Trainer offers an immersive learning environment for all levels of lineworkers and utility personnel. In addition to secondary voltage enhancements, a single bushing primary option has been added. With this new option, a trainer can set the H2 primary bushing to be internally...

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Safety One Powered Ascender Training WEB

Powered Ascender Training

Safety One is proud to be the first to offer manufacturer-endorsed training for powered ascenders. These devices are making an impact on our industry. It is our mission to make sure workers understand how to be safe and efficient while using them for personal ascending, descending and hoisting of equipment. When new devices are introduced into the workplace, people tend to get excited and come up with creative interpretations about how they can be used. With proper training of device capabilities, limitations and techniques, safety managers can ensure that employee well-being is not overlooked. Learn...

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Terex Equipment Operator Training WEB

Equipment Operator Training

The Edge online training curriculum from Terex Utilities offers a convenient, self-paced training tool for operators seeking to document their understanding of aerial device and digger derrick operation. Each program, which takes six to eight hours to complete, includes an entrance exam to provide a benchmark for the incoming knowledge level of the operator. A quiz follows each learning section, and programs conclude with a final exam. Successful completion requires 85% or better, after which a certificate of completion and wallet card are issued. The Aerial Device module covers topics such...

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Altec Sentry Learning Platform WEB

Sentry Online Learning Platform

Signing up to access the Altec online learning platform, Sentry Online, is easy and free. You can browse through the digital course catalog, which includes a selection of free videos and courses ranging in price. Sentry Online can be accessed with any internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile device. Archived training records and a certificate of completion are provided to the trainee for most courses. Some of the course offerings include OSHA- and ANSI-compliant operator safety training, unit-specific maintenance courses for technicians and general safety topics. Having all of this content...

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CIP Solutions Virtual Training WEB

Virtual Injury Prevention Training

Injury-free performance of heavy or very heavy job tasks strongly corresponds to an individual’s physical abilities and health habits. Through our Virtual Industrial Athlete Injury Prevention Training series, CIP Solutions Inc. provides your team with the knowledge and skills to avoid on-the-job ergonomic injuries and improve their personal health and wellness. Our modules are presented at a level that is clear and targeted to the audience in attendance. The long-term net result of these efforts is a healthier workforce. Your employees are better educated on soft-tissue injury prevention, and...

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