Brother Mobile Printer WEB

Full-Page Mobile Printer

This mobile printer is out-of-the-box ready to support full-page mobile printing from the most popular computers and mobile devices. It features the legendary PocketJet reliability and fast full-page print speeds. But the really big deal is the freedom it gives you and your mobile workforce. Print what you need – from practically any device and any location. Learn More About the PocketJet Series

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Rock Mills Lifter WEB

The Lifter and Lifter PLUS

The Lifter and The Lifter PLUS are vehicle-mounted, automated solutions to remove heavy network access lids and storm grates. Manually removing lids and grates is now obsolete. Remove covers and grates safely and efficiently with the push of a button on a hand-held remote. The Lifter and The Lifter PLUS offer a broad range of removal solutions. The Lifter is intended for conventional-sized covers. The Lifter PLUS is meant for use with heavy, large-diameter covers; it offers an industry-leading automated safety solution to remove covers as heavy as 600 pounds with the push of a button. Learn...

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Klein Tools Lineman Wrenches WEB

Ratcheting Lineworker Wrenches

Klein Tools has introduced the next generation of wrenches for lineworkers, redesigned to improve durability and featuring fully integrated handles and non-slip grips for comfort. The wrenches are up to 20% stronger than previous models. Additionally, the KT155HD and KT151T feature smaller gear teeth for shorter throws; the KT155T and KT155HD feature six sizes in one tool; and the KT151T and KT152T feature four sizes in one tool, plus tether holes for securing the tool. Learn More about Klein Tools

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Kenzen Heat Monitoring System WEB

Real-Time Worker Heat Monitoring System

Kenzen, the smart PPE innovator focused on physiological monitoring and the prevention of heat injury and death among workers, has launched a real-time worker heat monitoring system. The cloud-based software-as-a-service system includes a wearable device worn by a worker on their arm, which alerts both the worker and their supervisor when core body temperature is too high. Real-time alerts allow for immediate intervention and worker safety from heat injuries. The wearable device monitors multiple physiological and environmental metrics, including heart rate, activity, skin and ambient temperatures....

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Dynamize Ripjack May WEB

Power URD Cable Stripper

Invented by a lineman and powered by a Milwaukee M18 battery, the Ripjack removes the outer jacket from underground primary cable. It strips all stranded concentric URD cable, sizes #1 to 1500 MCM, with no adjustments needed between sizes. An ergonomic solution for cable jacket removal, the Ripjack is remote-controlled for ease of use in confined spaces, padmounts and risers. The Ripjack reduces injury risks to lineworkers from shoulder/elbow strains, cuts and possible electrical contacts. Creating no damage to cable neutrals, semi-con or insulation, the Ripjack makes it easy for you to build...

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Grace Alert Products WEB

Fall Suspension Alert Products

Grace Industries has introduced a new line of lone worker fall suspension alert notification products for people who work at heights. The new Grace WorkForce uses an advanced gyro/accelerometer to detect a worker’s fall from heights and automatically transmits an emergency alert without any action required by the worker. Additionally, a worker has the option to immediately activate an emergency alert by pressing the WorkForce panic button. There also is a third means of an emergency alert via automatic activation when using the self-contained motion-sensing timer. WorkForce can be used by anyone...

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KH NightRay WEB

Vehicle-Mounted Spotlight

KH Industries has released the new NightRay LR vehicle-mounted spotlight line, which is replacing the NightRay 2 product line. Though it has the same professional-grade, durable design on the outside, the new NightRay LR has been upgraded internally with state-of-the-art technology. The new product line features a long-range remote controller for extended communication, as well as additional features. The new NightRay LR controller uses the latest low-energy wireless networking technology to communicate up to 200 feet in the line of sight. This longer range surpasses other vehicle-mounted spotlights...

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Greenlee Fish Tape WEB

Electrical Fish Tapes

Emerson has revealed a new line of electrician fish tapes that make fishing two times faster compared to a traditional electrical fish tape. Faster fishing is possible with REEL-X because the anti-bind case reduces friction. Additionally, REEL-X can be set on the ground or held between the legs to free up both hands for pulling or feeding the tape. REEL-X was engineered to eliminate the biggest problems present in traditional fish tape designs: fighting binds and jams in the tape, which slows down an already tiring process. Customers often reported strain in their shoulders and wrists while...

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Greenlee Gator Insulated Electrical Box MED

Insulated Cutting and Crimping Tools

Emerson has released the new Greenlee Gator Insulated Series of cutters and crimpers, which can help protect a professional from up to 1,000 volts. The crimpers are UL and cUL classified with seven major brands of lugs and splices. The innovative battery-powered Gator Insulated Series of cutting and crimping tools can help reduce the operator’s field of movement and exertion, helping to improve precision and safety. A patent-pending tri-insulation barrier impedes voltage from discharging between the head and the body of the tool. The Gator Insulated Series features a brush-guarded head aimed...

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