Radians Safety Glasses WEB

Radians Safety Glasses

Radians, a top-tier manufacturer of performance and premium safety products, recently launched four new styles of safety glasses. The CROSSFIRE CK7 has a classic design that appeals to workers who often wear their safety glasses as sunglasses. It also offers several comfort and premium features to promote all-day wearability, including a lightweight frame, insulated wire core temples and indirect lens venting. The DEWALT Supervisor meets work requirements with a flair. This stylish, iconic full-frame design was engineered with 100% visually correct plano lenses to enhance clarity. The lightweight...

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PMI Helmet WEB

Advantage Helmet

With classic European styling, the PMI Advantage helmet is designed for professional rescuers with a reinforced Kevlar composite shell. It offers the utmost head protection while still achieving plenty of all-day comfort. The high-gloss and UV-resistant exterior is safe for stickers, and the ratchet headband and straps make each helmet fully adjustable for any head size. The PMI Advantage helmet meets NFPA 1951 as a utility technical rescue protective helmet. PMI    https://pmirope.com/product/pmi-advantage-helmet/

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Cool eez ICEpodz WEB

Wearable Cooling Product

Serving the utility industry for over five years, ICEpodz-FR fills a critical need: combating heat and humidity to help alleviate and prevent heat-related illness and injury. Our field-tested and approved ARC2-rated PPE delivers dry, frozen, rapid and effective heat relief, helping to protect your workers on the job. As the only product that begins cooling from a frozen solid state of 32 degrees, ICEpodz-FR provides the optimal cooling mechanics to maximize results, dissipating heat from the body to manage heat stress, even in 100% humidity. Our anatomical design impacts the critical circulatory...

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Petzl Helmets WEB


Petzl has manufactured professional safety equipment for over 25 years. The VERTEX and STRATO helmets – ANSI Z89.1 and Type I certified with rated chinstraps – showcase Petzl’s high standard of PPE. The VERTEX helmet is designed with a six-point suspension system that conforms to the shape of the user’s head for maximum comfort. This webbing suspension allows for greater breathability while ensuring separation between the user’s head and the external shell, in case of impact. The helmet comes in vented and unvented versions, as well as high-visibility yellow and orange. The STRATO is a remarkably...

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Radians Hard Hat WEB

Vented Hard Hats

Radians, a top-tier manufacturer of performance and premium safety products, recently added vented hard hats to its head protection line. Vented hard hats minimize heat buildup under the shell by allowing hot air to escape, which promotes better circulation and cooler temperatures for workers. Radians Class G vented hard hats with four-point rachet suspension are offered in the Granite cap style and the Quartz full-brim style. Features include pillowed brow pad, nylon crown suspensions, vertical height adjustment, universal accessory slots and four vents that allow hot air to escape. All Radians...

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Gerolines Ice Cleats WEB2

Mid-Sole Ice Cleat

Geroline Inc. – the creator of the original Mid-Sole – now offers K1 Mid-Sole ice cleats, featuring “grip that changed the game,” according to the company. Simply rotate the ice cleat from the bottom of your boot to the top when walking inside or driving. Try Geroline Inc.’s Original Series or Intrinsic Series, the only certified intrinsic ice cleats in North America. Request a sample today at https://geroline.com. Geroline Inc.    https://geroline.com

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Smith and Wesson Safety Glasses WEB2

Safety Glasses

With so many activities requiring impact protection, workers want premium options that offer style, quality and comfort. Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses offer all that and more, protecting people during rugged activities while enabling them to exhibit their individuality both on and off the job. For the outdoor enthusiast at work or at play, Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses also offer all-day comfort; edgy, contemporary designs; colorful frames; and a variety of lens options. While safety glasses are essential, people shouldn’t have to look and feel as if they are wearing eye protection....

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Honeywell VeriShield WEB

Smart Hearing Solution

Honeywell offers a new smart hearing solution that combines cloud-based software and connected, protective headsets to monitor sound in real time and analyze patterns to help companies better protect workers from noise-induced hearing loss. The VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution comprises a protective headset that reduces background noises to safe levels within the headset, allowing workers to communicate more clearly and easily. The headsets continuously collect and transmit noise-related data to Honeywell Safety Suite, a cloud-based service that automates and streamlines the collection and...

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Hubbell Rubber Insulating Gloves JOOMLA

Rubber Insulating Gloves

CHANCE Lineman Grade Gloves are available in several ASTM voltage classes and a full range of sizes. Manufactured for your ultimate protection and comfort, CHANCE Lineman Grade Gloves deliver the innovation and dependability you demand. The gloves are manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified facility by Hubbell Power Systems with an aqueous dipping process to maintain excellent flexibility inherent to natural rubber. The full product offering includes sizes 7 to 12, with half sizes 8H to 10H. For low voltage, Classes 0 and 00, the product line includes 11-inch and 14-inch single-color gloves in...

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