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Cooling FR/AR PPE

At BUFF Safety, we have gone a step beyond worker safety and comfort, including HeiQ SMART TEMP technology with our Arc Protect + FR products (arc flash rated PPE Class III certified under different European and American regulations). Electric power industry technicians often work under extreme heat conditions with the best FR/AR clothing and gear, which can be thick and heavy to preserve their safety, translating into more effort and sweat as well as higher body temperature. By including this revolutionary textile technology that provides next-to-skin fabrics with the ability to interact with...

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Arc Flash Task Wear

The Cementex Contractor Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE is a simple option that does not sacrifice quality or safety. While still using premium USA labor and materials, Cementex offers Arc Flash Task Wear with reliable, classic protection for the safety of personnel in environments in and around energized equipment. The Contractor Series provides a total system of arc-rated protective clothing with kits that include hood, hard hat, coat, pants, coveralls, ear canal hearing protection, and safety glasses or goggles, as well as optional gloves and hard hat liners or balaclavas as needed. This...

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Safety Helmet

Radians’ new made-in-the-USA Titanium safety helmet features an ABS impact-resistant outer shell for strength and durability, and it is available vented or non-vented in a variety of colors. Both models share similar features, including an integrated, detachable three-point chin strap, ratchet suspension system, universal accessory slots and an inner foam comfort liner. The vented version offers the additional benefit of cooler temps inside the helmet due to better air circulation. Both styles can be pad printed with a company’s logo or safety message. Sold separately, Radians has also developed...

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Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

MSA’s new Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline allows for a 75% faster install compared to traditional cable systems. The integrated locking and tensioning mechanism on the handle eliminates the need for nuts, bolts and wrenches. Plus, the locking and tensioning mechanisms are on the same side, so there is no need to travel back and forth for setup. The lightweight, flexible cable helps make installation easy to complete by a single worker. Easy-to-read red and green visual indicators let the user know that the system is locked, tensioned and ready for use. In addition, patented bypass shuttles...

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Ratchet Cable and ACSR Cutters

Greenlee, part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, has introduced their complete line of high-performance ratchet cable and ACSR cutters with up to 35% reduction in peak energy when cutting copper in comparison to a manual cutter. The line includes five cutters – three cable cutters and two ACSR cutters – and comes in both open-jaw and flip-top designs ideal for confined work areas. Together, the ratchet cutters provide a complete solution for cutting copper up to 600 MCM, aluminum up to 750 MCM and ACSR up to 336 MCM. The precision ratcheting mechanism holds cable tight to allow for...

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Portable Speed Bump System

Speed Spots is a portable speed bump system developed to quickly and easily reduce traffic speeds in utility work zones, construction zones and more. The lightweight, easy-to-handle Speed Spots, made from recycled rubber, are intended to be placed in a staggered pattern across lanes to reduce traffic speeds. They are sold in packs of eight, and the company recommends six to eight Speed Spots per lane. Each Speed Spot weighs 6 pounds. Their built-in handle makes it easy for anyone to carry four at a time.

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Swing Gate Wire Holders

LineWise has introduced two Swing Gate Wire Holders to directly replace most existing wire holders on the market. The new models can be used on both vertical and horizontal construction and are the only wire holders available with a load-rated gate. For maximum safety, the Swing Gate Wire Holders have two side-swinging redundant gates that can be opened and closed individually or together by hand or with a hot stick. Aluminum rollers are included on all four sides of the units for conductor protection. Unlike traditional wire holders, this unique, patent-pending design allows contractors to...

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Insulated Platforms

Hastings, a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, offers insulated platforms designed for maximum safety and ease of installation. Each insulated platform features a permanent, nonslip surface in the work area and square channel foot/toe stops for location awareness. Metal castings and components on platforms are made from heat-treated aluminum alloys. The width of the insulated platform is 10-3/4 inches. Features include twin adjustable struts for stability, complete with braces and chain tighteners. The rail assembly is hinged, allowing for storage on top of the platform...

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Twilight Outrigger Pads

Bigfoot’s Twilight pads light up the night with an LED that is held tight to the pad by a magnet on the light and a metal chip embedded in the pad. The Twilight pad is illuminated by one or more attached lights. The new pads feature waterproof lighting that makes them easier to see in dim light, greatly reducing the chance of workers tripping. Twilight lights can be removed and stored so the pads stack flat for storage and transportation. These lights are rechargeable with an included USB cord. Twilight pads are made of the same strong, maintenance-free custom composite material that has earned...

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