Tiiger Auger Up JoomlaUsing the Auger-Up Portable Auger Stand from Tiiger is a safe and secure way to keep an auger positioned upright to ease the process of removal and reattachment. 


The stand offers easy setup, deploying in less than a minute and quickly securing to the auger with ratchet straps and collar. According to the company, the stand also reduces work-related injuries; prevents damage to customer property and the possibility of drilling into unknown underground utilities; eliminates the potential of the auger tipping over when partially screwed into the ground for removal; can be used to store all types of augers on any surface; is easily stored in a truck bin or on a truck bed; does not require the use of tools or a ladder; and can be used by mechanics for maintenance or repair work on auger drive motors.

The Auger-Up Portable Auger Stand weighs 42 pounds and has a load capacity of 500 pounds. Visit the company’s website for a full list of specifications.

Tiiger    www.tiiger.com

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