Honeywell Personal Tracker JoomlaHoneywell now offers a new satellite-based connected solution to help governments, companies and other organizations monitor the location and safety of workers in remote locations.

The company’s Personal Tracker utilizes Iridium's low-earth orbit satellite network, the only satellite constellation that provides pole-to-pole coverage, which is necessary for effective remote asset and personnel tracking. The mobile device allows companies to communicate with their workers or track assets anywhere in the world – across oceans, airways and even polar regions.

Emergency services, maritime, military and oil and gas workers can share their location with GPS coordinates and send text messages using the enterprise-grade, ultra-rugged device, which is certified to function in hazardous environments where explosions or a fire may occur due to flammable liquids or vapors. It can be used as a stand-alone, two-way communication device or can be clipped to a backpack to serve as a tracking beacon. It also can be paired with an iPhone so that users can access a Honeywell mobile app that offers features such as interactive SOS, messaging, push notifications, trip information and situational awareness.

The Personal Tracker is exclusive to the Iridium network. With Iridium's two-way communication capabilities, even when used as a stand-alone alerting and tracking beacon, the Personal Tracker can receive current location requests and configuration updates over the air.


Ripley Mid Span Stripper JoomlaRipley Tools’ new RMS Remote Mid-Span Stripper is designed for mid-span removal of insulation from energized tree wire and spacer cables. Ripley's RMS tool is quicker and safer than hand tools designed for hot-stick operation, according to the company.

The RMS has a cable range of .60 to 1.75 OD and a voltage of 10 to 35 kV. It is designed for one-man operation from a bucket truck.

The tool head is made from insulated Delrin. It has an intermediate hot-stick shaft, and the epoxy drive shaft maintains a 4-foot approach distance from energized line.

The RMS mid-span strips any phase without removing conductor from spacers, and each bushing comes with a go/no-go-style cable gauge, ensuring the proper bushing is used on the wire.

The kit includes a tool stop clamp that is designed to work with a grip-all stick to maintain safe approach distance. It also comes with bushings of your choice, a convenient carry case with storage for additional bushings and cable gauges. Additionally, the RMS eliminates the need for conductor covers and insulated blankets.

Ripley Tools

Milwaukee Tool TICK JoomlaMilwaukee Tool has introduced the TICK, a professional-grade Bluetooth tool and equipment tracker. Designed to withstand the harshest job site environments, the TICK can be easily attached and hidden from sight on any product, regardless of brand, providing users an invaluable way to track anything in their inventory through the ONE-KEY app.

With its low-profile design, the TICK can securely attach to anything through glue, screw, rivet or strap. Its flat back enables a snug fit to a variety of surface types, and its circular shape fits into a range of places hidden from view (e.g., the underside of a ladder or miter saw stand). Each TICK also is laser engraved with a serial number so users can easily identify and assign multiple TICKs. Once attached and hidden from view, the TICK makes tracking tools and equipment as simple as pulling out your phone.

Products with a TICK attached are paired via the ONE-KEY app. Tool records and locations are updated when any device with the ONE-KEY app comes within 100 feet of the TICK. These location updates are transmitted through any ONE-KEY app that’s in range, regardless of whether the app is open or not, allowing users to pinpoint missing tools more quickly. In addition, users can easily manage all of their tools through the app’s Simplified Tool and Equipment Management features. These features allow users to assign and store detailed information for all of their tools and equipment, whether it’s a tool equipped with a TICK, a ONE-KEY enabled tool or any other tool or piece of equipment.

Milwaukee Tool

HD Electric FireFly Joomla

HD Electric Co. has launched its FireFly Fuse Tool Voltage Detector, which combines a fuse tool, voltage detector and flashlight in a single product, saving time and adding an extra level of safety while working on distribution lines.

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Kirk Substation Interlocks JoomlaKirk interlocking products provide safe access to switchgear within HV substations. Trapped key access interlocks and key exchange units restrict physical entry and prevent dangerous operating conditions, ensuring that personnel operate equipment according to the correct sequence of operation.

For HV substation applications, Kirk recommends its HD Series interlocks. The lock housing, cylinder and inner workings are manufactured entirely of 316 stainless steel. A robust dowel pin key design resists breakage and prevents duplication. A gasketed flip cover protects the keyways from debris. The HD Series range includes mechanical and electromechanical bolt, access, transfer and valve interlocks, along with a full range of accessories to form a comprehensive switchgear interlocking scheme for HV substations.


Sherman Reilly Hydraulic Tools JoomlaSherman + Reilly now offers a new line of Next Generation battery-powered hydraulic tools. The superior design of these new Next Generation tools includes real-time communication technology, improved ergonomics focused on optimizing the tool’s center of gravity and more power with an enhanced Makita battery platform.

Tools in the new Next Generation line include 6-, 12- and 15-ton crimping tools, cable and bolt cutters, and a 10K psi pump with removable heads that have the capabilities to do both.

Each product in this new line of tools features Bluetooth communication technology that allows electricians to wirelessly manage their tools. This feature provides access to tool history, monitors service timelines and customizes tool operations to suit the worker’s preferences. Each Next Generation crimping tool is equipped with Intelli-CRIMP technology, a unique pressure sensor that monitors the crimping process, ensuring the correct amount of pressure is applied to each crimp. Some tools are equipped with Auto Retraction Stop, which retracts the ram just enough to prepare the tool for the next cycle, saving time and energy. Additionally, there are tools with Retraction Stop Repeat, which allows the operator to partially retract the ram and repeat that retraction for subsequent crimps. Tools equipped with this feature emit audible and visual alerts when a crimp is below specifications.

Sherman + Reilly

Utility Solutions Ice Breaker JoomlaUtility Solutions Inc. has added another ice removal product to their overhead distribution line. The patented Ice Breaker – Spline End Attachment is a solid aluminum roller that attaches to a hot stick to remove ice on overhead power lines. Utilities now have three unique options to safely remove ice.

The company's first product in this category was the Ice Wacker – Polymeric Ice Removal Tool. Crews attach this tool to any standard fiberglass hot stick to remove ice and debris from overhead distribution systems. The solid polymer material can withstand lots of abuse and eliminates unnecessary damage to fiberglass end sections.

Last year, Utility Solutions Inc. debuted their second ice removal product, called the BLUE STRIPE Heavy Duty Ice Roller. This is a complete ice removal system that includes a large aluminum roller head, foam-filled fiberglass sections (5 feet or 10 feet), and a swivel pull ring. Each component attaches with a metal push-button, which makes for easy transport and storage. This unique device can handle long runs of ice-covered overhead lines.

Utility Solutions Inc.

Milwaukee Underground Cable Cutter JoomlaMilwaukee Tool has introduced the M18 FORCE LOGIC 3” Underground Cable Cutter with Wireless Remote. With the ability to cut up to 1500MCM CU 15KV, the new cable cutter pairs with a wireless remote that allows lineworkers to distance themselves farther from the cut, delivering a smarter and safer way to remote cut.

Through a wireless remote, lineworkers can communicate via Bluetooth connection to their M18 FORCE LOGIC 3” Underground Cable Cutter and initiate a cut. An indicator light on the wireless remote will alert the user immediately after the tool is done cutting. The wireless remote is exclusively paired with the cable cutter, eliminating the potential for other devices to connect to the tool and unintentionally activate a cut. For wrecking or new line installs, the tool can easily interchange between remote mode and local mode through a remote cut switch on the back of the tool.

Lineworkers need a tool that can set up, cut and reset quickly for the next cut. A handle and hang hook enable the easiest suspension in vaults and manholes. By redesigning the handle to the top of the tool, users are able to cut with their wrist in a neutral position, improving wrist posture and decreasing muscle effort. The open scissor-style jaws and in-line design provide much easier setup in trenches, allowing users to easily scoop up cable to prepare for the next cut.

At up to 60 percent faster per cut than the competition, the new 3” Underground Cable Cutter is also the fastest cable cutter in its class, according to the company. Equipped with an M18 RED LITHIUM XC 5.0 battery, it can deliver more than 140 cuts per charge.

Milwaukee Tool

MADI Safety BrushBlade JoomlaMADI has introduced the Safety BrushBlade, which combines two tools into one and helps lineworkers decrease outages, minimize open neutrals and bad connections, and create significant savings by brushing conductors properly. The two tools are a knife and an integrated wire brush.

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The JackJaw model JJ0400 is a new favorite tool for a nJackJaw Puller Joomlaumber of utilities across the country. It enables operators to pull ground rods and gas probes effortlessly and quickly with no back strain. The tool’s folding lever arm design allows it to be stored in drawers and cabinets on service trucks for easy, quick access when needed. Check out the JackJaw model JJ0400 in person at the iP Utility Safety Conference & Expo November 2-3 in Glendale, Ariz. ( For more information about the tool, contact Bob Anderson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (937) 609-8937.

Construction Accessories Inc.

Delta Monitoring InstrumentDelta Computer Systems Inc. will exhibit its SNT-02 Step and Touch Safety Monitoring Instrument and kit October 12-15, 2016, at the International Lineman’s Rodeo & Expo in Overland Park, Kan.

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DICA Outrigger PadsDICA, manufacturer of SafetyTech Outrigger Pads, has introduced a new product line designed for the high-visibility needs of the electric utility and tree care industries.

According to the company, its yellow and orange outrigger pads have been available as a custom option for a number of years, and now they have been added to DICA’s standard SafetyTech line of outrigger pads.

High-visibility yellow and orange provide a clear visual reminder to think and act safely when setting up equipment on outrigger pads. Further, both yellow and orange contrast with the ground and paved surfaces, reducing the potential for lost pads.

Made from DICA’s premium engineered thermoplastic material, yellow and orange D1818 and D2424 outrigger pads are designed for stabilizer-enabled equipment, which is common in electric utility and tree care applications. The high-visibility outrigger pads are available in 18-inch-by-18-inch-by-1-inch and 24-inch-by-24-inch-by-1-inch sizes. They are medium-duty models with strength capacity of 100,000 pounds. Like all SafetyTech outrigger pads, the yellow and orange pads are backed by DICA’s unbreakable guarantee.

The full line of SafetyTech outrigger pads, including heavy-duty models, can be special-ordered with high-visibility yellow or orange options. Additional lead times apply.


Utility Solutions Stick StopperUtility Solutions Inc. has introduced the BLUE STRIPE Telescopic Stick Stopper, which attaches to any telescopic stick to provide a lock system that keeps sections together. This new rubber product also creates a handle and provides surface protection when stored.

Lineworkers storing and transporting telescopic sticks routinely struggle to keep the sliding sections from unexpectedly extending when carrying sticks on their shoulders or pulling sticks from storage tubes. The Telescopic Stick Stopper quickly and safely solves this problem.

The Stick Stopper is made from an EDPM rubber, similar to insulating rubber blankets. It is durable and UV resistant. The large opening accommodates several sizes of telescopic sticks, while the narrow end easily slides over a hot-stick probe. Once installed, a lineworker can easily release the probe end and the Telescopic Stick Stopper stays fastened to the stick. A video of the Stick Stopper in action can be viewed at

The Stick Stopper is available in three sizes to fit any brand of telescopic stick from 25 feet to 50 feet. Customers can also purchase a six-pack option.

Utility Solutions Inc.

HD Electric Digital VoltmeterHD Electric Co., a Textron Inc. company, has launched its new Double Vision Dual Display Digital Voltmeter, a compact, high-accuracy dual display voltmeter and phasing set with capacitive test point mode and peak hold. It can be used in both overhead and underground applications and is accurate and repeatable to within 1 percent. The voltmeter is lightweight, and its weather-resistant construction is ideal for use in tight work environments with minimum approach distances or with storm duty during disaster relief.

The Dual Display Digital Voltmeter, model DDVM-40, measures voltage from 5V to 40kV, and the voltage is displayed on the two large, bright LED displays that can easily be read from a distance or in bright conditions. The two LED displays are synchronized so that the same voltage reading is shown on both displays. There is also a dual battery monitor with automatic shutoff.

The Dual Display Digital Voltmeter has a single button interface that controls all modes, including line-to-line measurements, line-to-ground measurements, capacitive test point, cable fault testing, and real-time and peak-hold reporting.

HD Electric Co.

LIFTPLAQ Manhole Cover RemoverThe LIFTPLAQ tool allows manhole covers and road stoppers to be removed in a safe manner. The mechanical assembly is fitted with a powerful magnet, connecting firmly to covers and road plates. It is ideal for personnel working on dry and wet networks and can be fitted with extensions to suit large manhole covers. The ergonomic design allows workers to lift covers with their backs straight and knees bent. There is no contact between the operator’s hands and the cover. The unit is easy to move and requires minimal storage space.


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