Buckingham BLT JoomlaBuckingham Manufacturing’s Buck Ladder Tether (BLT) is a ladder-mounted lifeline system that provides 100 percent fall protection for the user while ascending and descending a ladder.

 The BLT utilizes a specially designed Ladder Lock System that allows the user to secure the ladder to a pole or structure from the ground. The Ladder FP Anchor Strap attaches to the top of the ladder, securing the lifeline to the ladder. Assembled onto the lifeline is the ANSI Z359.15-rated Buckingham Mobile Fall Arrester (MFA) that connects to the user and allows him or her to ascend and descend the ladder while remaining 100 percent fall protected. The design of the MFA permits it to track up and down the lifeline hands-free, allowing the user to maintain the required three points of contact at all times. In the event of a fall, the MFA will arrest it, while the Ladder Lock System keeps the ladder secured to the pole or structure.

Buckingham Manufacturing    www.buckinghammfg.com/blt

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